The Moderato Archi environmental policy

A healthier and more eco-responsible environment
Committed responsibility to man, buildings and nature.

For responsible building : make your buildings intelligent !

We adhere to current regulations and environmental standards to provide you with quality products that will meet the requirements and issues of today and tomorrow : health, technology, comfort, recycling…



A permanent complete offer

We design, develop and commercialise our offer by respecting the rules and environmental standards found on the construction market and that of the renovation of buildings in the service sector.

We guarantee a permanent complete offer, using recyclable materials and respecting health and the environment.

Our commitment to the environment

  • 100% French manufacture
  • Responsible and secure materials
  • Greenguard certification
  • A+ rating (very weak level of volatile substances in indoor air)
  • CRYSTAL system of canvas stretch and containment of fibreglass : 100% recyclable aluminum ring
  • Fibreglass utilisation : reliable reaction to fire, around 10 year lifetime, keeps its thickness and acoustic performance