Acoustic absorption panels for companies

Hear better to work better
Boost the morale and motivation of your employees by reworking the acoustic environment in your workplace.

An acoustic environment to encourage good work from your employees.


The acoustic panels can decrease the resonance by up to 80%, allowing everyone to benefit from an acoustic environment which will promote productivity and maintain the concentration of the workers.

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conferences halls
  • Open plan workplaces
  • Factories

Did you know ?

93% of workers are disturbed by the level of noise in their working environment.

A better quality of sound in open plan workplaces

Open Plan workplaces create a lot of noise and this can quickly disturb the daily life of the workers. Moderato Aw have created solutions adapted to the layout, lighting, set-up and design of the room :

  • Partitions fixed to the modules
  • Acoustic panels
  • moderato_aw_bureaux

Acoustics : an answer to predefined standards

  • moderato_aw_entreprises01

There are no existing regulations with regard to noise levels in the workplace. However, standards should be met in keeping with social behaviour so that good relationships and the wellbeing of all the workers can be guaranteed.

Moderato Aw panels meet the required standard of the two norms :

  • Norm NF S31-080
Would you like to install the panels in your workplace ?
Denis Laurent Technical manager

Denis is available to answer any questions you may have concerning Moderato Aw acoustic panels.

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