The sun's rays as a source of comfort.
With Moderato Sun solar protection, both visual and thermal comfort needs will be met on your premises.

Better management of light for increased visual comfort

Moderato Sun sunscreens regulate the arrival of natural light to reduce reflection and dazzling. For use both indoors and outdoors, our solar protection allows precise and efficient management of light flow, guaranteeing maximum visual comfort for those people working on your premises.
Moderato Sun sunscreens also preserve your intimacy whilst ensuring excellent visibility towards the exterior.


  • 86 % less solar radiation
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Excellent thermal comfort in spite of the sun

Moderato Sun sunscreens ensure optimal thermal comfort by limiting the spreading of heat from the sun’s rays inside the premises. They act like a thermal shield, blocking up to 80% of the heat, according to their position in relation to the windows. As a result : air conditioning systems are not needed so much, the room temperature is more constant, and your energy costs are reduced.

The advantages of Moderato Sun
  • Unrivalled visual comfort
  • Thermal regulation of the sun
  • Innovative design
  • Robust and durable
  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors

Solar panels elegant&harmonious

Moderato Sun sunscreens actively contribute to the architecture and design of buildings. They allow you to harmonize your interiors whilst meeting your needs for light and thermal protection. Their narrow width, lightness and variety of colours allow them to blend into every environment, whilst following the latest architectural trends.

  • 25 colours
  • 320 grams minimum
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A healthier and more eco-responsible environment
Our offer is made with respect to current regulations, standards and the environment.
We will accompany you throughout your project
From our first meeting until the complete installation of the equipment on your premises, we provide regular monitoring of your project.
A famous experience
Moderator Sun solar protection is offered by Isermatic Systeme, the leader in the stretched canvas system for more than 15 years, in cooperation with Serge Ferrari.
Denis Laurent
Technical Manager

The wellbeing of employees today is determined by two sources of comfort : visual and thermal. Moderato Sun sunscreen panels meet these needs by reducing dazzling light within the workplace and ensuring a more constant room temperature. They are also an elegant and innovative design solution for your company.