Acoustic absorption panels for schools

Listen well to learn more
Concentration, energy, listening and dialogue are the key words for guaranteeing good learning conditions.

An appropriate sound environment for learning.

moderato-universiteWhen the sound level is too high and a pupil is working in an environment where he has to raise his voice, detrimental effects such as a general “hubbub” and a loss of concentration and energy can be felt.

Controlling acoustics meets several requirements within a school framework, both in terms of listening and learning :

  • Facilitate dialogue and provide better conditions for conversation
  • Reinforce listening between teacher and pupil
  • Improve pupils’ concentration
  • Allow those sitting at the back of the classroom to hear clearly

Did you know ?

Those pupils sitting in the fourth row of a classroom are only able to clearly hear one word out of two.

Solutions adapted to places of learning

moderato_aw_amphiteatreModerato Aw acoustic absorption panels are fixed to walls or ceilings, and are adapted to the size and function of the room without encroaching on the space or altering the layout.

Up to 80% of resonance can be reduced, whilst only covering 35% of the surface.

Download the extract from current regulations

  • Nursery and primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • High schools
  • Colleges of higher education
  • Technical colleges

Solutions which meet all the required norms and standards

Order of 25th April 2003

Limitation of noise within teaching establishments.

Decree of 31st August 2006

Conflict from neighbourhood noise.

Ducal ruling of 20th December 2001

Limitation of exposure of children to harmful effects such as excessive noise.

Order of 23rd July 2013

Acoustic insulation of buildings used for dwelling in areas affected by noise.

Recommendation of the Ministry for National Education

Ensure the comfort of pupils in teaching establishments with regard to noise levels.

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