Acoustic absorption panels for restaurants

Fewer decibels for greater pleasure
With Moderato Aw acoustic absorption panels, reduce the resonance in your restaurant by up to 80%.

A sensory experience for clients

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Serving good food isn’t enough to attract customers. When customers are in a restaurant all their senses are brought to the fore, and these can have an influence on their emotions.

A restaurant should provide a perfect combination of food, surroundings and ambiance.


Did you know ?

Restaurant owners lose 30% of their turnover through an inadequate sound level.

Acoustics, a vital element in the planning of a restaurant

The success of a restaurant is also dependent on its acoustic ambiance, a sign of the listening quality in discussions.

In order to achieve a pleasant acoustic ambiance, priority is generally given to :

  • Acoustic screens between tables to favour intimacy and communication
  • Panels installed on ceiling and walls in keeping with the decor and existing furniture.
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Design acoustics

moderato_aw_restaurants02Treating acoustics also blends with the design of a room by playing with the space, shapes and colours…. Moderato Aw acoustic panels are covered with a canvas which enables lighting effects on the shapes and colours and furniture and decor already present in the restaurant.

  • 100% customised panels.
  • Only 35% of the area covered
  • Insertion of LED lighting on the panels
  • 8 colours to choose from
Would you like to install the panels in your restaurant ?
Denis Laurent Technical manager

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